The Wearable Computers

Wearable Computers

Technological advancements of mankind have gradually acquired every aspect of contemporary life, at a speed such that they have not given us time to analyze in detail this technology. We continuously use devices routinely and not stopping to try to understand how they work, and how to get the most out of them. In fact, most of the times, we don’t perceive that we are treating with wearable Computers.


Through statistical studies obtained from a survey of people between 14 and 45 years of age, users of Smartphones, made for the 2nd half of 2015 by the Numbers Inc. Marketing company in three big Cities: New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, we got these revealing figures:

  • 39% change their smart phones before using fully the current, only to be “fashionable”.
  • Only 17% used productivity applications installed in their phones.
  • 31% acknowledged using their smart phone only for listening music.
  • 24% indicated not having opened several applications that brings their smartphone installed because not knowing how to use.

Other studies, as of the Cell Phones operator British O2 show little or no use of the functions of productivity of the smart phones, against its use in surfing Internet, social networking, music and games.


Smrtphone use

However, the objective of these reflections is none other than the highlight the importance that we learn to understand the capacity of our smart devices, small Computers, to take advantage of the tool, thoroughly.

Smart Phones.

The majority of these marvels of modern technology, are not more than small pocket computers with all the attributes of the case:

  • Central Unit of processing that hosts an operating system capable of even interacting with a table computer, network servers, printers, etc..
  • Devices of input/output such as touch screen, QWERTY keyboard incorporated the functions of touch screen. devices of voice recognition, inputs and outputs of Audio and Digital camera. Include too, satellite location system (GPS), non volatile storage with capacities of the order of the Gigabytes, interconnection capacity with Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth, USB input/output port, and many other functions.
  • Software Library with thousands of titles, which include comprehensive productivity tools.



Finally, its small size should not be an element to ignore its potential.

Smart Watches.

Another application of computers for use by the man of today, are the smart watches, whose design and components do not lag behind with respect to smart phones.

These “little giants” are another powerful demonstration of what technology can achieve. It can include sensors (input elements) and the hardware and software required to detect pulse, accelerometer, calendar, camera, phone, calculator, GPS, Bluetooth connectivity and another large amount of features and applications that make it a technological marvel in miniature.


These devices, as all computer, have their own operating systems compatible with their large-scale counterparts. The most popular are Apple WatchIOS and AndroidWatchOS.

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