Presence on the Internet through a Website.

Your presence on the Internet through a Website.

It does not matter if your intention is to make yourself publicly known as a presence on the Internet through a WebsitePerson or by the Activities that you develop as a hobby or to obtain economic benefits for your Knowledge or your Profession or for the sale of Goods or Services. For many reasons, your presence on the Internet through a Website is the best way to do it and nowadays it is available to anyone.

Internet as a tool for marketing of goods and services.

The use of the Internet as a tool for marketing of goods and services is not new. Dating back to the early 90s, practically since the network of networks went from being a military experiment to be a mass media.

The possibility of reaching any corner of the world, at any time, any day, in addition to that we can do it from anywhere we are due the presence on the Internet, made it displace very quickly all other means of disclosure, promotion or advertising.

presence on the Internet through a Website

If we add to that the ease of use thanks to the current browsers (Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), and in the most recent years the integration of Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.) as a means to share and exchange information, we obtain as a result that term so used in our days of MASIFICATION OF INFORMATION.

This term is, in some way, a summary of what GLOBALIZATION means, which in its most elementary meaning has to do with the access we all have to Global information.

Obviously, the term GLOBALIZATION has deeper definitions associated with the World Economy, but we will settle for associating it with Small-scale Marketing.

Why Internet?

Nowadays, locating information on the Internet has literally become child’s play. And of course the same happens when what we are looking for is a good or a service. There are expressions that have become very popular, such as:

If you are looking for something and can’t find it on the Internet, it is that it does not exist!

Business that is not on the Internet is destined to disappear!

And the reality is that both statements are very close to modern reality, as the advantaged who has presence on the Internet and have begun to use the network to promote their business, be it for sale of goods or services, are capturing the market at an incredible speed.

presence on the Internet through a Website

In the past, if you had something to offer to the public, whether it was the provision of a service (on any scale) or the sale of any product, it had to resort to expensive or complicated forms of advertising. Press notices in newspapers or magazines, flyers and promotion brochures, radio advertising, and, finally, a series of “advertising investments” that required having a capital that not everyone had.

If you, for example, had the ability to perform any work of a manual or professional nature, the main limitation you encountered was to market your “product”, that is, offer it to potential customers and keep your “current” and “on-hand” offer at all times.

And if you were able to manufacture or produce something on a non-industrial scale, the same thing happened. The limitation was to do the Marketing to reach all their potential customers, and “bring them” to their product so they could buy it.

And… for what Internet?

presence on the Internet through a WebsiteAlthough the list could be endless, we put a few examples of these ‘business options’ in which you or any of your family or friends could find itself:

  • I do some divine cookies that my friends ask me to buy them.
  • I need more customers for my business of Pet Grooming.
  • I am an excellent electrician in residential facilities and I have my own tools.
  • I became a certified Public Accountant, I have my own computer and license to practice.
  • I learned how to embroider with my grandmother and I inherited all their implements. My double towel sets are praised by all who see them.
  • Although I’m self taught, there is no mechanical failure of vehicle that can resist me.
  • My crafts have a reputation for being unbeatable and already comes Christmas.
  • I want to promote my services as a Hairdresser and Stylist.
  • It’s good that I learned AutoCAD, now I can make Plans to the Architects and the Engineers that make Projects.
  • When it comes to painting houses, my brother and I are fast and we work in a very clean way.
  • The advantage of knowing two languages is that now I can do translations commissioned.
  • With my Laptop and my music files, my amplifier, my mixer and my horns, I can liven up any party or social activity in the area.
  • Have been good as student and Assistant to teachers of my favorite subjects: mathematics and physics, will allow me to give teaching support to students at home.
  • Since I love dogs so much and the yard of the House is great, I can take care of them by day and earn some money with that.
It is said very easy! But…

This small sample of the different ways to start a business on a reduced scale and without requiring major investments, could be ruled out by the eternal limitation, valid in other times, of:

And how did it reach the Clients?presence on the Internet through a Website

How do I promote my business?

How do I get to know?

The simple answer to these questions is:


The options for to have presence on the Internet are many, but here we will focus on see the easy, economic and quick to deploy.

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