Domestic Applications of the Computers

Domestic Applications of the Computers

Domestic Applications of the Computers

Domestic Oven

A few years ago, domestic cookers ovens had a wheel to adjust the time, that “sounded”, and in fact was, like clockwork. They also had a similar temperature adjusting knob to regulate the temperature. All these were electromechanical components. Man did here, one of most antiques domestic applications of the Computers.

Currently, an oven has a DIGITAL display and has different sensors of temperature and a clock of time programming. Usually they graduate (or programmed) through a membrane or digital KEYBOARD that is connected to a card like this:

Domestic Applications of the Computers

This card has a PROCESSOR that receives the information and processes it giving as OUTPUT power to the oven heating elements for a period of time. At the same time, it also receives an INPUT signal of the temperature SENSOR that helps it to maintain regulated the oven to the desired temperature.


The old washing machines had a programmer electromechanical that determined, according to graduation, the wash cycle, rinse and spin clothes according to the user’s desire and depending on the type of tissue.

These washing machines had two controls of electromechanical selector type to control, one, the water temperature, and the other, the water level inside the tank of the washer. I.e., both decision was based on what the user “believe” that it was the right thing. For most this say that these systems do not seem to be very “green” to say.

Modern washing machines have a card, with its included PROCESSOR, this type:

Domestic Applications of the Computers

And a KEYBOARD type membrane (often with display) with which are programme the wash cycle, allowing the card control of all elements (pump, centrifuge, opening of the soap and rinse valves, inlets for hot and cold water, etc.) through their OUTPUT ports. On the other hand, a SENSOR is responsible for determining the level of water required according to the amount of clothes to be washed in this cycle.

Where else?

There are many examples more.

A Remote Control Toy Car.

Let’s see what’s inside this fun and popular infant toy.

Domestic Applications of the Computers

Hummm… A card with an included PROCESSOR CHIP, which receives INPUT from the Remote Control signals, and then process them with the PROGRAM that has the processor internally, sends orders to motors in the wheels and the mechanism of change of direction of the car, through the ports of OUTPUT. One of the Funniest domestic applications of the Computers.

Air Conditioning Thermostat Control.

“The recent past” thermostats were formed by a wheel that through a spring mechanism and gearwheels (Nothing accurate, by the way) and a mechanical membrane and a few electrical output contacts, it started or stopped the system according to the ambient temperature. They are more or less well:

Domestic Applications of the Computers

Modern thermostats are as follows:

Domestic Applications of the ComputersDomestic Applications of the Computers

They internally have a small card with its PROCESSOR CHIP that is connected, through its port of OUTPUT, with a DIGITAL display and receiving, from a few keys, adjusting programming.

With that adjustment, programmed by the user, proceed to interact, according to its internal PROGRAM and an integrated temperature SENSOR in the thermostat, with the compressor unit and the management of air conditioning.

Remote Control of a Video Equipment.

Another of the ‘accessories’ all we use almost everyday. So often and so so spontaneous that we enter not to detail its operation.

They also have its card with a PROCESSOR, a KEYBOARD as INPUT device, its INTERNAL MEMORY where it stores its PROGRAMMING, and, of course, its OUTPUT device formed by infrared transmitter (or RF) that sends instructions to the video equipment shaped wireless.

Domestic Applications of the Computers

We could search for (and illustrate) plenty of more examples. In fact, we know that today in forward you will be able to identify them and reasoning its operation as not wanting to seem unfriendly, we have done with our examples and explanations.

The only intention was to the familiarize it with abundance, in modern life and from now on later, with components that we discussed at this Web Site, which identify Computers.

And yes…….. it is true:

¡¡¡¡ We are surrounded !!!!







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