Internet of things and privacy.

Internet of things and privacy

Internet of things and privacy questioned.

One of the topics most debated by the detractors of this technological leap is the Internet of Things and Privacy.privacy-on-risk

In a modern world where power is directly and proportionally associated with the handling of Information, there have been many arguments that question the use of the Internet of Things.

And precisely, what are the technological advances that make it possible, such as the miniaturization of elements ranging from simple sensors of all kinds, to microphones, cameras, etc. Have generated an intense debate based on the use of terms such as:

  • Spying on consumption habits.
  • Lost of the privacy on the decision-making of buys.
  • Advantage for the anticipated knowledge of Consumer reactions.

And while it is true that from the point of view of “technical” all this is possible, it is also certain that there are, and in the case that is not sufficient to create, regulatory mechanisms that determine the limits of type and magnitude of captures of Information. Of this way, this theme could leave of view as a kidnapping to the free takes of decisions from the consumer and is let of talk with panic alarmist of the Internet of the things and the privacy “lost”.

More advantages than risks.

The possibilities open to Man, with the development and application of Internet of things and privacythe Internet of Things, are practically endless. Industrial processes of manufacturing, management of Raw Material and Finished products Inventories, feedback of information to start the cycle of continuous improvement, early detection of wear or malfunction, in short, the use of information that makes us think in “lost of Privacy “, may be used inter alia to:

  • Process Optimization
  • Faults Prevention
  • Increase personal and business security
  • Automation
  • Access to the information timely
  • Location of assets
  • Optimization of inventory management
  • Many, many more applications.

Finally, there are in fact many more advantages than risks in the massive and unprejudiced application of feedback and automatism technology that form the epicenter of the concept of Internet of Things.

Mankind should and must prepare for this technological leap. As advances in computers, communications, robotics, use and generation of power and accessories for sensing and capture information are ready and more than proved.

And the detractors of the implementation, should rather devote is to think as normalize and regulate the use of the technology, so nobody can tell that there are conflicts of leak of information that contrasted to the Internet of things and privacy.

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