New Informatic Vocabulary.

new informatic vocabulay

The New Informatic Vocabulary.

For the contemporary youth that has been born and raised in the midst of this continuing Technological Revolution, perhaps the subject of the New Informatic Vocabulary, as such, has no significance. They are growing surrounded by technological applications that are as popular andnew informatic vocabulay accessible as the technological innovations of electricity, radio, television, etc., were in another time.

For the People of the Generation born in the decades of the 40s and 50s of the 20th century, and who have also shown an interest in the subject of Computer Science since its inception and have tried to keep up to date, the situation is something more complex.

What is complexity?

Although for all, technological evolution is the same, new generations have “skipped” the steps of all discoveries and developments and simply assume that “everything” has always been like this.

Contemporary children and youths were not aware (and in many cases not interested) of the way in which technology evolved. They simply “use it” and that’s it. What for the adults of the generations of the 50s and new informatic vocabulayprevious to this, represent a new Informatic Vocabulary, for them it is simply “the only language” possible.

For this reason, and to be able to “update” the terms that are increasingly positioned in the minds of those who love Technology and like, besides using it, know how it works, we wanted to make this summary of concepts that, as a whole, are dictating the pattern of what is happening in the world of Technology and Applied Informatics.

Not everything is new.

Not all of the terms that we will manage our publications about the new Informatic vocabulary are new.

In many cases the original concepts have several decades of “discovered” by the man, only that the advances in materials and manufacturing technology, but above all, the computer elements of Hardware and the Software that manages them, have opened endless possibilities of application that makes these “old” technologies, the heart of new applications.

To clarify what we are mentioning, we want to refer back to our primary definition of what is a computer.

If we assume the real fact of the discovery of the microprocessor as “heart and brain” of the central processing unit or CPU, existing nowadays in a myriad of equipment ranging from a simple Remote Control car to Mega computers used by NASA, for giving a reference, the basic concept is limited to the following scheme:

new informatic vocabulary

Then it is just a matter of analyzing all these new applications of technology that have generated this new Informatic vocabulary and understand the relationship with the basic concept of the above scheme.

Our goal is that everyone can understand the principle that governs the functioning of these technological applications and the impact thatnew informatic vocabulay Informatics has in its unlimited evolution.

Technological applications that we will discuss as part of the new informatic vocabulary and its applications will include the following:

  • Holography
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Videos 360° or Inmersive Videos
  • Virtual Retina Display
  • Voice Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • Dactilar Recognition
  • Robotic
  • Internet of Things

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