Presence on the Internet through a Website.

Your presence on the Internet through a Website.

It does not matter if your intention is to make yourself publicly known as a presence on the Internet through a WebsitePerson or by the Activities that you develop as a hobby or to obtain economic benefits for your Knowledge or your Profession or for the sale of Goods or Services. For many reasons, your presence on the Internet through a Website is the best way to do it and nowadays it is available to anyone.

Internet as a tool for marketing of goods and services.

The use of the Internet as a tool for marketing of goods and services is not new. Dating back to the early 90s, practically since the network of networks went from being a military experiment to be a mass media.

The possibility of reaching any corner of the world, at any time, any day, in addition to that we can do it from anywhere we are due the presence on the Internet, made it displace very quickly all other means of disclosure, promotion or advertising.

presence on the Internet through a Website

If we add to that the ease of use thanks to the current browsers (Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), and in the most recent years the integration of Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.) as a means to share and exchange information, we obtain as a result that term so used in our days of MASIFICATION OF INFORMATION.

This term is, in some way, a summary of what GLOBALIZATION means, which in its most elementary meaning has to do with the access we all have to Global information.

Obviously, the term GLOBALIZATION has deeper definitions associated with the World Economy, but we will settle for associating it with Small-scale Marketing.

Why Internet?

Nowadays, locating information on the Internet has literally become child’s play. And of course the same happens when what we are looking for is a good or a service. There are expressions that have become very popular, such as:

If you are looking for something and can’t find it on the Internet, it is that it does not exist!

Business that is not on the Internet is destined to disappear!

And the reality is that both statements are very close to modern reality, as the advantaged who has presence on the Internet and have begun to use the network to promote their business, be it for sale of goods or services, are capturing the market at an incredible speed.

presence on the Internet through a Website

In the past, if you had something to offer to the public, whether it was the provision of a service (on any scale) or the sale of any product, it had to resort to expensive or complicated forms of advertising. Press notices in newspapers or magazines, flyers and promotion brochures, radio advertising, and, finally, a series of “advertising investments” that required having a capital that not everyone had.

If you, for example, had the ability to perform any work of a manual or professional nature, the main limitation you encountered was to market your “product”, that is, offer it to potential customers and keep your “current” and “on-hand” offer at all times.

And if you were able to manufacture or produce something on a non-industrial scale, the same thing happened. The limitation was to do the Marketing to reach all their potential customers, and “bring them” to their product so they could buy it.

And… for what Internet?

presence on the Internet through a WebsiteAlthough the list could be endless, we put a few examples of these ‘business options’ in which you or any of your family or friends could find itself:

  • I do some divine cookies that my friends ask me to buy them.
  • I need more customers for my business of Pet Grooming.
  • I am an excellent electrician in residential facilities and I have my own tools.
  • I became a certified Public Accountant, I have my own computer and license to practice.
  • I learned how to embroider with my grandmother and I inherited all their implements. My double towel sets are praised by all who see them.
  • Although I’m self taught, there is no mechanical failure of vehicle that can resist me.
  • My crafts have a reputation for being unbeatable and already comes Christmas.
  • I want to promote my services as a Hairdresser and Stylist.
  • It’s good that I learned AutoCAD, now I can make Plans to the Architects and the Engineers that make Projects.
  • When it comes to painting houses, my brother and I are fast and we work in a very clean way.
  • The advantage of knowing two languages is that now I can do translations commissioned.
  • With my Laptop and my music files, my amplifier, my mixer and my horns, I can liven up any party or social activity in the area.
  • Have been good as student and Assistant to teachers of my favorite subjects: mathematics and physics, will allow me to give teaching support to students at home.
  • Since I love dogs so much and the yard of the House is great, I can take care of them by day and earn some money with that.
It is said very easy! But…

This small sample of the different ways to start a business on a reduced scale and without requiring major investments, could be ruled out by the eternal limitation, valid in other times, of:

And how did it reach the Clients?presence on the Internet through a Website

How do I promote my business?

How do I get to know?

The simple answer to these questions is:


The options for to have presence on the Internet are many, but here we will focus on see the easy, economic and quick to deploy.

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Technology and Changes. Understanding the Future

Technology and Changes.

Once upon a time, Business as usual was often good enough. Technology said… No more!

Where we are going, good enough is

In a world where everything is connected, where everything is equally excellent, where performance is reaching perfection, there is only one space left to innovate in: you.

Right now, you are a central in the raging tornado of change fueled by digitization, mobilization, augmentation, disintermediation, automation.

Science fiction is becoming science fact.

Think about self-driving cars, that can learn and think…

The way we work will never be the same….

The skills we need will be dramatically different.

Losing or Winning are now happening faster than ever before, so What’s your response?

technologyHow do you discover new opportunities in one of the most transformational times in human history?

Are you driving change or are you being driven by it?

Disruption has become the new normal, with change it’s always gradually then suddenly well.

Exponential Change.

Things really have stopped happening gradually. This change is exponential.

Everything that used to be dumb and disconnected is now wired and intelligent.






will be wired with sensors and will talk to each other.

These game changers are also combinatorial, they amplify each other, creating a perfect storm of change:

Quantum Computing


Big Data

Internet of things

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning


But Advantages remain.

However, anything that cannot be digitized or automated will become technologyextremely valuable.

Humans own creativity, imagination, intuition, emotion, ethics, will be even more important in the future because machines are very good at simulating but not at being.

Yes, robots and software will do some of our work, but this will allow us to focus on things that cannot be automated.

To imagine change squared, you’ve got to start more engaging with what might be not just with what is.

Immerse yourself in the immediate future, 5 or 7 years out from today we need to go beyond Technology and Science to reach human insights & wisdom.

Technology represents the HOW of change, Humans represents the why.

The future is about holistic business models.

The opportunity is to be LIQUID to learn JUST-IN-TIME, not JUST-IN-CASE.

technologyNo single improvements but complete transformations.

Not individual systems but new ecosystems.

Humanity is where “true and lasting” value is created.

We will engage relate and buy things because of the experience they provide, because of their transformative power.

The future doesn’t just happen, the future gets happened.

The new way to work is to embrace technology but not to become it.

The future is in Technology yet the bigger future lies in transcending it, let’s live and lead from here.



New Informatic Vocabulary.

The New Informatic Vocabulary.

For the contemporary youth that has been born and raised in the midst of this continuing Technological Revolution, perhaps the subject of the New Informatic Vocabulary, as such, has no significance. They are growing surrounded by technological applications that are as popular andnew informatic vocabulay accessible as the technological innovations of electricity, radio, television, etc., were in another time.

For the People of the Generation born in the decades of the 40s and 50s of the 20th century, and who have also shown an interest in the subject of Computer Science since its inception and have tried to keep up to date, the situation is something more complex.

What is complexity?

Although for all, technological evolution is the same, new generations have “skipped” the steps of all discoveries and developments and simply assume that “everything” has always been like this.

Contemporary children and youths were not aware (and in many cases not interested) of the way in which technology evolved. They simply “use it” and that’s it. What for the adults of the generations of the 50s and new informatic vocabulayprevious to this, represent a new Informatic Vocabulary, for them it is simply “the only language” possible.

For this reason, and to be able to “update” the terms that are increasingly positioned in the minds of those who love Technology and like, besides using it, know how it works, we wanted to make this summary of concepts that, as a whole, are dictating the pattern of what is happening in the world of Technology and Applied Informatics.

Not everything is new.

Not all of the terms that we will manage our publications about the new Informatic vocabulary are new.

In many cases the original concepts have several decades of “discovered” by the man, only that the advances in materials and manufacturing technology, but above all, the computer elements of Hardware and the Software that manages them, have opened endless possibilities of application that makes these “old” technologies, the heart of new applications.

To clarify what we are mentioning, we want to refer back to our primary definition of what is a computer.

If we assume the real fact of the discovery of the microprocessor as “heart and brain” of the central processing unit or CPU, existing nowadays in a myriad of equipment ranging from a simple Remote Control car to Mega computers used by NASA, for giving a reference, the basic concept is limited to the following scheme:

new informatic vocabulary

Then it is just a matter of analyzing all these new applications of technology that have generated this new Informatic vocabulary and understand the relationship with the basic concept of the above scheme.

Our goal is that everyone can understand the principle that governs the functioning of these technological applications and the impact thatnew informatic vocabulay Informatics has in its unlimited evolution.

Technological applications that we will discuss as part of the new informatic vocabulary and its applications will include the following:

  • Holography
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Videos 360° or Inmersive Videos
  • Virtual Retina Display
  • Voice Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • Dactilar Recognition
  • Robotic
  • Internet of Things

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Computers and Cars. The Challenge for the “Software Men”

Computers and Cars.

For more than 15 years we are hearing talk to our trusted mechanics, about “computer” of the car. Also hear you frequently that “.. .I will put the computer (his or his workshop) to the car to detect or diagnose the fault and its reason”. For many people, this is the link between Computers and Cars.

And indeed, since the early 1990s many vehicles come equipped withcomputers and cars internal computers that receive signals from various transducers or sensors and after processing the information, execute functions of output that can be control, signaling, of diagnostic or alarm.

In recent years, the technological advancement of the world, as well as the increase in the levels of requirements of users in relation to prevention, comfort, and safety, coupled with competition from manufacturers for having the technological supremacy of the industry, has greatly elevated the use of computer in vehicles.

From simple indications of measurements (through sensors or transducers) parameters of vehicle work: oil pressure, temperature of the engine, etc. up to sophisticated functions such as use proximity sensors to warn and to braking, the vehicle.

computers and cars

A typical modern automotive computer is which can be seen below:

computer and cars

Although many indications of failures or problems that have vehicles are listed on their own boards, these indications are only informative.   The diagnoses obtained after processing data from all sensors and transducers can be obtained by connecting the vehicle computer to computer diagnosis of the mechanic or repairer through a NETWORK established between both computers WIRED form or WIRELESS form.

Vehicles controlled by computers.

However, the speed at which various technologies have evolved, such as servomotors and servodrives, have brought the relationship between Computers and Automobiles to another level that is more similar to what, until very recently, was the subject of Futuristic fiction: self-driven vehicles.

The combination of sensors of approximation, light, sound, etc., withcomputers and cars cameras, satellital global positioning systems (GPS), wireless communication, servomechanisms and Computers, wisely handled by Software developers, have managed to initiate a new technological revolution that, in a very short time, it will elevate the standards of security and comfort in the relation Man-Vehicle to unsuspected levels.

And here again it is pertinent to ask the question of rigor: Will analysts and software developers “make think” the combination of Computers and Cars in a “safe” way in any circumstance?

Some countries have already been tested, but the Authorities are reluctant to give the authorization to start marketing. Issues regarding component reliability and the ability of the Software to solve “any situation” remain the most important limitations.

The Technology of manufacture and of the materials is working in the reliability of the physical components to which we could call Automotive Hardware, but still exists the doubt about the “reactions” of the Computer that will control to the drives.

Once again, in this theme of the Computers and Cars,  the “Software Men” have the last word…




Domestic Applications of the Computers

Domestic Applications of the Computers

Domestic Oven

A few years ago, domestic cookers ovens had a wheel to adjust the time, that “sounded”, and in fact was, like clockwork. They also had a similar temperature adjusting knob to regulate the temperature. All these were electromechanical components. Man did here, one of most antiques domestic applications of the Computers.

Currently, an oven has a DIGITAL display and has different sensors of temperature and a clock of time programming. Usually they graduate (or programmed) through a membrane or digital KEYBOARD that is connected to a card like this:

Domestic Applications of the Computers

This card has a PROCESSOR that receives the information and processes it giving as OUTPUT power to the oven heating elements for a period of time. At the same time, it also receives an INPUT signal of the temperature SENSOR that helps it to maintain regulated the oven to the desired temperature.


The old washing machines had a programmer electromechanical that determined, according to graduation, the wash cycle, rinse and spin clothes according to the user’s desire and depending on the type of tissue.

These washing machines had two controls of electromechanical selector type to control, one, the water temperature, and the other, the water level inside the tank of the washer. I.e., both decision was based on what the user “believe” that it was the right thing. For most this say that these systems do not seem to be very “green” to say.

Modern washing machines have a card, with its included PROCESSOR, this type:

Domestic Applications of the Computers

And a KEYBOARD type membrane (often with display) with which are programme the wash cycle, allowing the card control of all elements (pump, centrifuge, opening of the soap and rinse valves, inlets for hot and cold water, etc.) through their OUTPUT ports. On the other hand, a SENSOR is responsible for determining the level of water required according to the amount of clothes to be washed in this cycle.

Where else?

There are many examples more.

A Remote Control Toy Car.

Let’s see what’s inside this fun and popular infant toy.

Domestic Applications of the Computers

Hummm… A card with an included PROCESSOR CHIP, which receives INPUT from the Remote Control signals, and then process them with the PROGRAM that has the processor internally, sends orders to motors in the wheels and the mechanism of change of direction of the car, through the ports of OUTPUT. One of the Funniest domestic applications of the Computers.

Air Conditioning Thermostat Control.

“The recent past” thermostats were formed by a wheel that through a spring mechanism and gearwheels (Nothing accurate, by the way) and a mechanical membrane and a few electrical output contacts, it started or stopped the system according to the ambient temperature. They are more or less well:

Domestic Applications of the Computers

Modern thermostats are as follows:

Domestic Applications of the ComputersDomestic Applications of the Computers

They internally have a small card with its PROCESSOR CHIP that is connected, through its port of OUTPUT, with a DIGITAL display and receiving, from a few keys, adjusting programming.

With that adjustment, programmed by the user, proceed to interact, according to its internal PROGRAM and an integrated temperature SENSOR in the thermostat, with the compressor unit and the management of air conditioning.

Remote Control of a Video Equipment.

Another of the ‘accessories’ all we use almost everyday. So often and so so spontaneous that we enter not to detail its operation.

They also have its card with a PROCESSOR, a KEYBOARD as INPUT device, its INTERNAL MEMORY where it stores its PROGRAMMING, and, of course, its OUTPUT device formed by infrared transmitter (or RF) that sends instructions to the video equipment shaped wireless.

Domestic Applications of the Computers

We could search for (and illustrate) plenty of more examples. In fact, we know that today in forward you will be able to identify them and reasoning its operation as not wanting to seem unfriendly, we have done with our examples and explanations.

The only intention was to the familiarize it with abundance, in modern life and from now on later, with components that we discussed at this Web Site, which identify Computers.

And yes…….. it is true:

¡¡¡¡ We are surrounded !!!!







Social Networks. The Great Phenomenon

Social Networks.

The massiveness of the Internet access in the whole world, as well as the globalization of information relating to news, sports, hobbies, social networksentertainment, art, music, cinema, literature has generated a very high demand in communication and mass exchange of such information needs. The solution has been Social Networks.

From the year 2002, with the output to the network of Friendster, the first social network as we know it today, generated a career of groups with different interests to create their own networks of users.

In fact, the first segmentation of social networks is which is made according to the interests of its fans. Thus, networks of professionals like Linkedin, in videos like YouTube, MySpace originally for artists, Flickr for photos, microblogging with Twitter, and many come more.

A new Language.

The impact of the Networks has been such that the terms used to identify actions in the interrelations of people have become part of the spoken and social networksgraphic vocabulary of almost all of its Users.

The common point of all social networks is based on the creation of “chains” of users increasing by making use of unifying terms: share, follow, become friends, like, subscribe, and in order to generate links between their trainers who, in turn, linked to their own circles, generating important growths of the network to the point that most of them has hundreds of millions of followers or subscribers.

Marketting Tools.

As is to be expected, the characteristics of the type of relationship created by the very existence of Social Networks and their enormous capacity to manage the segmentation of Markets of all kinds have made these Networks the Paradise for Marketing Professionals.

Currently, all Social platforms offer advertisers on any scale, ways to social networksadvertise in them ensuring a selectivity in the direction of the Ads never before imagined, which has revolutionized the way they handle and take advantage of the Advertising Budgets of Companies Of any size.

Obviously, the networks are no longer just an interpersonal communication, but also become the hosting of small Web sites where it is possible to participate in a proactive way to current, potential clients, to the Competition and to any observer who wishes.

For the people, the advantages of its use are obvious: the interrelationship of its components and the flow of information shared by them.

Disadvantages: risk of loss of privacy and information overload with consequent excessive demand of time.

You decide!

Currently the most relevant (only in the Western world), according to the number of subscribers are:

  • Google+
  • Facebooksocial networks
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Habbo
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • Slideshare





Computer Aided Design.

Computer Aided Design.

The power and potential of the modern personal computer, has also allowed use in functions such as technical drawing tool. So much so, thatcomputer aided design it has practically disappeared draughtsman technician profession, replaced by the CAD draughtsman or Computer Aided Design Draftman. Classic drawing tables with variable height, adjustable angle, etc. are to be used as tables to view or revise plans already printed on paper.

Computer Aided Design has increased the quality and quantity of information produced by engineers, architects, and designers in general, computer aided designas well as allowing the handling and storage of the plans of projects in physical spaces as small as a portable memory.

The use of libraries of digital information with template type and an almost unlimited amount of symbols, arrays, details standard, etc., as well as the possibilities of resize, copy, and modify all these elements have changed the way in which their products are designed by professionals graphics or drawings.

It is not cumbersome to make modifications according to the designs of professionals from other areas of the project and, for example, facilitates the exchange of information in a same team for the coordination of the different disciplines of the project.

Additionally, we must mention the inclusion, from the 1990s of the designcomputer aided design in 3 dimensions and the inclusion of animation for the visualization and analysis of the design. This jump genre a new management model of design that has enriched the inventiveness of design professionals, architects and engineers.


The pioneering and most popular commercial computer-assisted design program is AutoCad, although there are also lesser-known as TurboCad, Icad, VariCad and LibreCad versions.

Files Extensions.

Finally, and since we are talking about Software, we want to touch the subject of file extensions. These are nothing more than the identifier that will follow the point, in the files that generate the programs, for example: computer aided designmywriting.text (in this case refers to a so-called flat text file). This, specifically, is an agreed identification at the universal level.

There are many extensions of files that are in standard use agreed “for all” involved. It is the case of .exe for executables, and more.

The creators of Software used to differentiate the data files generated by its programs, very particular extensions and, unless we talk about compatibility with any standard, unique to that family of files and developer. For example, .xls is an identification of the Excel files. Another example is .dwg for AutoCad files or .doc for Word files.




Graphics Editors and Music Editors

Photography and Graphics Editors.

Find a chart in any format, including a photograph, expand it, cut out it, change colors, brightness, contrast, apply visualization effects, add text, etc. These tasks and many more are possible on a personal computer using the graphics editors .

Simply place a copy on the screen or “Board” of any of your Graphics Editors and with only a few clicks of your Mouse, you can “transform” magically your image. Then you can save it to your disk and then use it in your projects.

graphics editorsThese programs as well as photo editors, allowing almost unlimited “Touchup” original images, are being used every day more for all types of users. From graphic designers to artists, professional photographers, journalists graphics, decorators and students of any of this racing and users as you or I, we all have needs that can be satisfied with this family of programs and applications.

There are so many and so varied, that it would be a never-ending task to list them. Just as a reference, and without this implying any preference on our part, we will mention the following:

  • Paint
  • Microsoft Picture Manager
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Open Gimp
  • Corel Draw

Players and Music Editors .

Several applications of the current computers that have become more popular in recent times are those related to copying, editing and music playback.

This has been provided for several important reasons which are:

  • Growth in the capabilities of the computer storage.
  • Improvement of musical format Conversion programs.
  • Evolution of portable MP3, MP4 players, etc.
  • Increase in interconnectivity between elements of conventional equipment of amplification and audio and digital audio playback.
  • Accessibility to smart phones with large memory capacity.
  • Availability of sales of Digital music sources.

Because as indicated above, and the increase in the number of users of music editorsDigital Music, have come to market a host of programs, many of them free, among which we must mention:

  • Microsoft Media Player
  • Apple ITunes
  • Nero Suite
  • WinAmp

There are also a large number of applications, many of them of use professional, that have changed the way in which made, learning or music production is practiced. Some addressed to specific instruments, others engaged in the edition of sound, in the end, could swell the list of applications to unsuspected limits but we don’t want to saturate the reader of information of commercial type, which can be easily found on the net.




Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence

Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence, an explosive combination.

While it is true that we do not consider it risky to use the Internet of Things for the purposes of affecting Privacy, it is not the same for us when we think on the connection between the Internet of Things andinternet of things and artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence.

Perhaps we are influenced by the way in which the film industry has used the man-machine relationship looking for attractive arguments and scripts of action, science fiction, etc. Examples abound in films such as:

  • Terminator Saga
  • Matrix Saga
  • I Robot
  • Ex-Machina
  • RoboCop Saga
  • Bicentennial Man
  • Artificial Intelligence

And many others, in which the common place is the Intelligent machine rebelled against the man who created it and whom it intends to exterminate to give rise to the Machine Age. It is obvious that it is an attractive subject, for Screenplays, but something manipulative to keep the viewer in a situation of alertness and suspense.

From the point of view of the concept of intelligence, artificial or not, there are a series of definitions that include the ability of reasoning, choice, adaptation to the medium, interpretation of the sense figurative, etc. But all the definitions include a pair of terms that, for us, are the critical element of intelligence and they are learning ability and memory.

Software as a decisive element.

If we consider the capabilities of information storage, speed in decision making as a result of a mathematical exercise called algorithm, the ability to communicate with the source of knowledge which man has digitized and advances in robotics, we can assume that the only limitation to self-determination would be software that unites all these elements.

Today, the science has achieved get devices that are capable of compete internet of things and artificial intelligenceand overcome to the man in “its own territory”. For example, capacity biological all the superior beings, consisting of the existence of the 5 senses: touch, hearing, smell, vision and taste, has been able to be matched and surpassed by technology and inventiveness of the human being.

The capacity of Reproduction, one of the wonders of living beings, is reduced, for a machine that wants to “reproduce”, to a Workshop with some pieces and the appropriate tools.

We have as an advantage, only the capacity of reasoning that allows our brain to humans, but as a disadvantage, very large indeed, the existence of physical pain and, above all, the sentimental, of which the machine is exempt. This is something to worry about when we talk about Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

To what extent with existing tools, Software developers were successful in that a machine is capable of “thinking, reasoning and learning”, controlling at the same time the emergence of “evil thoughts” such as envy, jealousy, greed, and, above all, the lust for power?

If Humanity has not managed to get rid of those “bad thoughts” itself, how to get the software developer not, consciously or unconsciously; transmit those “feelings” to the machines?

The answer to these questions will decide the direction in which the man take the development and linking of the Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence.

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Internet of things and privacy.

Internet of things and privacy questioned.

One of the topics most debated by the detractors of this technological leap is the Internet of Things and Privacy.privacy-on-risk

In a modern world where power is directly and proportionally associated with the handling of Information, there have been many arguments that question the use of the Internet of Things.

And precisely, what are the technological advances that make it possible, such as the miniaturization of elements ranging from simple sensors of all kinds, to microphones, cameras, etc. Have generated an intense debate based on the use of terms such as:

  • Spying on consumption habits.
  • Lost of the privacy on the decision-making of buys.
  • Advantage for the anticipated knowledge of Consumer reactions.

And while it is true that from the point of view of “technical” all this is possible, it is also certain that there are, and in the case that is not sufficient to create, regulatory mechanisms that determine the limits of type and magnitude of captures of Information. Of this way, this theme could leave of view as a kidnapping to the free takes of decisions from the consumer and is let of talk with panic alarmist of the Internet of the things and the privacy “lost”.

More advantages than risks.

The possibilities open to Man, with the development and application of Internet of things and privacythe Internet of Things, are practically endless. Industrial processes of manufacturing, management of Raw Material and Finished products Inventories, feedback of information to start the cycle of continuous improvement, early detection of wear or malfunction, in short, the use of information that makes us think in “lost of Privacy “, may be used inter alia to:

  • Process Optimization
  • Faults Prevention
  • Increase personal and business security
  • Automation
  • Access to the information timely
  • Location of assets
  • Optimization of inventory management
  • Many, many more applications.

Finally, there are in fact many more advantages than risks in the massive and unprejudiced application of feedback and automatism technology that form the epicenter of the concept of Internet of Things.

Mankind should and must prepare for this technological leap. As advances in computers, communications, robotics, use and generation of power and accessories for sensing and capture information are ready and more than proved.

And the detractors of the implementation, should rather devote is to think as normalize and regulate the use of the technology, so nobody can tell that there are conflicts of leak of information that contrasted to the Internet of things and privacy.

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