Internet. The Network of Networks.

Internet. What it is?

It is not a secret that most of the technologies developed by man, which we enjoy today, had its origins in the studies and research that many countries were at some point in the middle of the fight for military supremacy. Internet is no exception to this rule.

It all began in 1962, with a project sponsored by the United States Department of Defense in conjunction with the University of California, Los Angeles, in which was established the initial network of the project. It was baptized with the name of Arpanet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), i.e., the network of the Agency’s projects of advanced research.


It was not until 1981 that one of the teams of the project initiation the term Internet, on the basis of the Interconnected Networks expression.

In 1989 the Arpanet project was replaced and liberate for commercial use the concept of interconnected networks that, with the birth in 1990 of the WWW or World Wide Web (global computer network), gave way to what we know today as the Internet:

A network that interconnects millions of networks around the world, and by which flow, in all senses, packets of Digital information with content that is interpreted and put into “readable” form by the browsers of all computers connected to this Network of Networks.

Internet. Network of networks

Once understood this very simplified history and definition of Internet, delving into its operation and its possibilities of use.

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Some terms that you should be familiar.

There are many expressions and acronyms that are commonly used in knowledgeable people in the middle and that at some point you could find when this “living” with the world of Internet, if it is that it is no longer so. Then place the most commonly used and their meaning:

Http: It is the abbreviation for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is not more than as agreed at the global level to make the transfer of information over the Internet. This communication standard is unique and its variant Https means that it is done in an environment with encryption which makes it more secure.


IP address: refers to the direction that has each computer connected to the Internet. Is formed by the term IP (stands for Internet Protocol) and a number of the form XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, e.g.: IP IP addresses are one for each user and only change when the networks are structured with dynamic addressing.

DSL: It is the abbreviation of Digital Suscriber Line and is used to identify one of the systems of access to most used Internet, which is through the same line that is used for phones.


URL: It is the abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator and was named to the string that makes up a Web address. That is, the name that accessed the Web page.


WWW: It is the abbreviation for World Wide Web and define the environment in which the Network of Networks is handled: Internet.

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