Technological bases IoT. Internet of Things

Technological Bases IoT

Internet of things. Technological bases IoT.

The development of equipment of mobile technology, whose best representation is given in smartphones and smart watches or as we might call it: “Wearable technology“, is an important advance in the figure of what will become the Internet of things (IoT). In essence, these devices make use of the technological Bases IoT which will enable the existence of a world of “Things” Interconnected, including exchanging information on their respective environments and not, necessarily, only with the man.
These technological Bases IoT are as follows:

• Capacity of collection of information.

The existence of sensors and of devices of captures such as the systems ofTechnological Bases IoT recognition of voice and sounds, recognition of images, sensors of temperature, sensors of movement, sensors of light, detectors of smells, and another great amount of elements, gives “to the things” something similar to our 5 senses.

• Large capacity of storage of information.

With every passing day, the man goes drastically reducing the space required to store information. And the now common use of permanent memories that do not require energy for their conservation, converts any space into “too big” to hold digitized information.

• Information processing capacity.

Size, smaller than ever, and processing speed, increasingly larger, as well as the existence of multiprocessing or connection tandem processors, makes every day Software developers use them to “think” in a similar way to how we humans do.

• Capacity of communication with other devices.

Technology of exchange of information through digital packages that “travel” on radio frequency waves bidirectionally, in spaces of unlimited transmission capacity, given the possibilities of using frequency bands ranges from very low (on the order of hundreds of HZ) up to ranges of ultra high frequency (in the order of the gigaherzts), leave without effect any restriction on the transfer and receipt of information.

• Optimizing the use of energy for all processes.

Together with the possibilities of “energy capture” environmental such as removable light, wind and tides, and recent research on the absorption of energy by induction, form the most important limitation that man arises at the thought the possibility of incorporating “things” to a trillion Network components “autonomous” able to interact with each other without involving himself, and settle for what we call the Internet of things (IoT).

It is estimated that the average human being is surrounded, at all times, Technological Bases IoTregardless of where you are, some 3,000 “things” or inanimate objects.
We talk about things ranging from your shoes (those who have jobs and those who are in your closet), to the books that has its Office. And everyone communicating it and interacting between them… and with the man.

Some examples?

Imagine a shoe warning its owner on a slippery surface that he has not detected!
Can you Imagine a washing machine contacting its manufacturer Service Center to notify an irregular vibration in its operation?
Imagine a shelf in a supermarket ask store stocked being a product that is sold out on its top, or removal of a product that reached the closing date for the sale!
We could go on putting amazing examples and you would smile while wondering if we are crazy, only partially or totally!
Join us in the following Post to get together some conclusions concerning.
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