Social Networks. The Great Phenomenon

social networks

Social Networks.

The massiveness of the Internet access in the whole world, as well as the globalization of information relating to news, sports, hobbies, social networksentertainment, art, music, cinema, literature has generated a very high demand in communication and mass exchange of such information needs. The solution has been Social Networks.

From the year 2002, with the output to the network of Friendster, the first social network as we know it today, generated a career of groups with different interests to create their own networks of users.

In fact, the first segmentation of social networks is which is made according to the interests of its fans. Thus, networks of professionals like Linkedin, in videos like YouTube, MySpace originally for artists, Flickr for photos, microblogging with Twitter, and many come more.

A new Language.

The impact of the Networks has been such that the terms used to identify actions in the interrelations of people have become part of the spoken and social networksgraphic vocabulary of almost all of its Users.

The common point of all social networks is based on the creation of “chains” of users increasing by making use of unifying terms: share, follow, become friends, like, subscribe, and in order to generate links between their trainers who, in turn, linked to their own circles, generating important growths of the network to the point that most of them has hundreds of millions of followers or subscribers.

Marketting Tools.

As is to be expected, the characteristics of the type of relationship created by the very existence of Social Networks and their enormous capacity to manage the segmentation of Markets of all kinds have made these Networks the Paradise for Marketing Professionals.

Currently, all Social platforms offer advertisers on any scale, ways to social networksadvertise in them ensuring a selectivity in the direction of the Ads never before imagined, which has revolutionized the way they handle and take advantage of the Advertising Budgets of Companies Of any size.

Obviously, the networks are no longer just an interpersonal communication, but also become the hosting of small Web sites where it is possible to participate in a proactive way to current, potential clients, to the Competition and to any observer who wishes.

For the people, the advantages of its use are obvious: the interrelationship of its components and the flow of information shared by them.

Disadvantages: risk of loss of privacy and information overload with consequent excessive demand of time.

You decide!

Currently the most relevant (only in the Western world), according to the number of subscribers are:

  • Google+
  • Facebooksocial networks
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Habbo
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • Slideshare





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