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This Website was designed thinking in the visitor that is starting in the “World of the Computers“. So if you are an expert, probably you won’t find nothing new here. But…….. you are likewise welcome and, we hope that your knowledge help us to improve the content that we want to share with the newbies on the theme.

And if you are a Visitor looking for a easy way to learn how “to live” in this new world of the Technology, not only being a passive “user”, but understanding what you are really doing, then you are in the right place… This is our promise!

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We will learn something about how the man, thirsting of knowledge, reached such big achievements in such short time, to give to the mankind the present level of comfort, security, and efficiency that surround us at this first part of the XXI Century.

We will travel too, through this fascinating world of the “applied technology“, learning the operation principles of the Computers and its, each day more, uses in the everyday life, learning how to take advantage of that without feeling the anguish for don’t to know how these marvels work.

And if you, dear Visitor, need any special help for to clarify any doubt, please Contact us. We will be happy helping you.

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