Accessing a Website? Use Web Browsers!

Web Browsers.

The Web browsers are programs that we use to access Web sites that are on the Internet. Its main function is to “interpret” the content HTML (coding that transmitted the files of Web pages) and translate them into what we actually see on our computer screen. Most of them have the following characteristics:

  • Have a window called “of address or navigation” where is placed the address or name of the page you want to access.
  • They have a format of multiple “tabs” to be able to access some pages keeping others opened or accessed.
  • Allow to do impressions of the content of the page that we are displayed.
  • They allow doing a directory of Web sites that we mark as favorite or Favorites.
  • They define a Web page as home page, i.e., the initial page that we will connect to the network.

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Although there are some browsers that are capable of “search” Web pages with simplified identifications, the most usual is that we place, in the address box, the full generic name which is of the form:


As the reader can see, we have placed .typeofdomain and not the usual .com, what we have done to call attention to the term domain.

The domain under which a website is hosted is nothing more than the name, which must be unique, and is used as a term “manageable by humans” to find such website.

The adoption of names and extensions was made to replace the IP address due to the cumbersome for people, since it is composed of a series of up to 12 digits in groups of 3 separated by a dot (we will see later).

In the case of extensions, the intention was to identify the type of page according to its use. So that com corresponded to commercial, org institutional organizations, edu educational sites, etc.

Today, that classification is not a 100% reliable indicator since many domain names that the owners wanted to use, were already busy for an extension, so using your domain name with another than if it were available.

As the reader can guess, we want to clarify is that, except that the owner of the site has “bought” his domain with all extensions, the search with the web browsers of the site : http://www.dogs should most likely us directing to a page other than


We also want to let you know that thanks to international agreements, and guidelines issued by the institutions to govern the operation of the Internet, there are also domain extensions with geographic allocation, which is in the end with two letters assigned to each country. For example VE to Venezuela, ES for Spain. UK for the United Kingdom, etc..

The international institutions that govern the operation of Internet with regard to domains, are the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), and ICANN.

It is the Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers of domains (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) which is a nonprofit that operates at level of assigning numerical address under the Internet Protocol (IP).

web browsers

To close the topic relative to browsers want to indicate that they are among the most important web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera

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