Search Engines, Our Internet friends

Search Engines.

Often want to enter to the Internet in search of any information specified and we don’t have any address of the pages they may offer it to us. No matter if you are looking for technical information, news, music, recipes, in order, as we usually say the frequent visitors of the Internet, everything is on the net!, and we have our friends: the Search Engines.

This claim is not an exaggeration, either for reasons of commercial, educational, institutional, or simply for the interest to publicize to the world a view, or the result of a job or hobby, etc., Internet, thanks to its popularity, has become the main means of communication of that information that mankind has.

web growth

For the current date, it is estimated more than 1100 million Web sites, although not all are active. At the same time, the number of users on the network, either as source of information, entertainment, etc., is estimated at more than 3200 million users.

Due to this enormous quantity of content, the only way to access the information that’s on the Web, when we don’t have a default address of the pages containing it, is through Search Engines.

Though all Search Engines have diversified by adding many other functions to their pages, its main function meet it through a box that allows you to place a text associated with which we want to locate.

Then the Search Engine would take as a reference to provide us a list of sites where we can find information linked to our search.

In general, this list includes fragments of Web sites where it was found the term searched, and in each one, a Link that gives access to that site.

While there are search engines specialized in search types specified (news, videos, tourism, etc.), the most widely used search engines are commonly used. The most important of these search engines, are:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

The difference, in terms of quality of the search, from one to another engine, is given by the relevance of each search engine gives to Web pages that contain the term to search for.


Although it is matter of preference to use one or the other, Google is, by far, the most widely used, opinion personally I share.



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